Welcome to the new StarGeezer Astronomy website! Thanks for visiting.

You may have seen our article “Out of this World Outreach” in the May, 2014, edition of Sky and Telescope magazine. Perhaps you’ve heard me on radio or you might simply be interested in doing a little backyard stargazing.ST Cover May 14

Enjoy the content on our blog page. We cover news about science and astronomy plus observing tips about interesting celestial events you can watch from your backyard. Most of our observing suggestions can be seen without binoculars or a telescope.

The new website template makes it possible to post links to YouTube videos and podcasts. Another new feature is our weekly “What’s Up with the StarGeezer” podcasts where I’ll provide tips on interesting things you can watch from your backyard. We’re also making this feature available to radio stations. Contact me if you’d like to hear “What’s Up” on your local station.

Sky and Telescope readers, members of astronomy clubs and others who are interested in presenting World Class outreach events contact me for samples of our PowerPoint presentations, press releases, etc.

We’re adding a forum page and we’d like your input, thoughts on topics of interest, etc. I’d love to hear from you!

Clear skies! Mark Steven Williams, the StarGeezer

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